Jewellery earring designs inspired by Art Deco made sustainably in gold by Irish jewellery designer Sara Ross for her Irish jewellery brand
Jewellery and earrings inspired by Art Deco made sustainably in gold by irish jewellery designer Sara Ross for irish jewellery brand
jewellery and earrings design inspiration for irish jewellery designer and irish jewellery brand

Inspired + launched in 2021 by Irish jewellery designer, Sara Ross, FiorSó is a premium design-led contemporary jewellery brand. 

FiorSó pieces are designed + made by Sara in her studio overlooking the stunning countryside of County Kerry, Ireland.

Sara answers some questions below.

What does FiorSó mean?

The name FiorSó (pronounced "fee-er-so") is a modern fusion of the Irish words:

  • Fior (= "real/true")
  • Só (= "luxury")

To me, luxury means colour.

Luxury means vibrancy. 

Luxury means design.

Luxury means quality. 

And that basically sums up the FiorSó brand!

Importantly though, I don't think luxury has to come at the expense of the environment. At FiorSó we follow a Sustainability Policy which takes us from production through to packaging. So you can enjoy your luxury with peace of mind!

Why did you launch FiorSó?

I have designed and made jewellery for many years, although my career path first took me in a totally different direction, working as a lawyer.

But as any creative person knows, the desire to create can be very strong! Eventually this led me to take my passion in a professional direction with the set up FiorSó in 2021.  

I absolutely love creating each piece of jewellery and sharing my colourful, vibrant designs!

    Where do you get your inspiration from? 

    I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but I lived and worked in London for many years, as well as Dublin, Paris and Shanghai, so I have been able to experience different cultures and fashions. I have also travelled a lot and spent time in many parts of the world.

    I am now settled in Kerry with my husband and children, surrounded by the culture and history of rural Ireland.

    So my design concepts often borrow from these experiences - like the architecture + history of Shanghai and Paris, the urban and more industrial feel of London, Dublin and Newcastle + the rich Celtic history of rural Ireland. 

    Take our DECO Collection for example - a modern take on the elegance + geometry of the Art Deco era, the architecture + history of which can be  seen all over Shanghai + Paris.

    On that note, tell us about the DECO Collection?

    It is inspired by the Art Deco era, a really interesting period of time, lots of upheaval politically, economically and culturally - especially for women.

    Jewellery designers started to use geometric and straight lines, vibrant colours, + alternative materials like brass, enamel + glass. 

    It is with this inspiration that our first DECO collection was born! You can see more about our inspiration here.

    So what will follow the DECO Collection?

    Following the success of the launch of DECO Collection CLASSIC, we launched a bridal version, DECO Collection Bridal. And a DECO Collection SILVER will also be launching soon.

    We are also busy working on our new collection for Spring 2022 - so watch this space!

    All of the FiorSó jewellery collections can be shopped online at

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